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  • Fear, Hope, & Love Poem

    Fear, Hope, & Love Poem

    Amidst all the fear circulating around the coronavirus, may we find light in the darkness. May we rest in God’s love. A poem was born from these thoughts and I wanted to share it with you. I hope it gives you hope.

  • New Blog Site!

    New Blog Site!

    Out with the old, in with the new! I’m back, after a short hiatus of migrating & upgrading, with a new site and a new look. List of changes I’ve made: Migrated to & am self-hosting my website CHANGED THE DOMAIN NAME. No longer is it Joyseeker, but Abigail Blessing ( Redesigned the layout,…

  • Big Changes Ahead!

    Big Changes Ahead!

    The last year of blogging on the joyseeker has been amazing! I’ve had many new visitors and it’s been so fun to interact with you, my readers. But I’ve realized that there are improvements I need to make… Changes this blog needs to undergo so I can build my platform as I step into world…

  • Lives Matter!

    Lives Matter!

    It’s extremely disturbing how normalized hearing about a shooting has become. It’s become an everyday occurrence that passes through our minds without a second thought. When I realized this, I felt distressed how little emotion I had felt when these pieces of news were announced. It was as if I had become numb to it.…

  • TCK living in Malaysia

    TCK living in Malaysia

    Selamat Pagi! Apa Khabar? Nama saya Abbi 🙂 Okay, okay, I’ll stop. I know most of you don’t understand what I just said. If you do, you are AMAZING! Comment down below what you think I said. Now, as you may have seen from the title, today’s topic is MALAYSIA. That little language intro was…

  • Bullying, a big no-no

    Bullying, a big no-no

    Hello Readers! Today you will be reading a Q&A interview I did with a very close friend of mine who has been a victim of bullying. My guest has requested to remain anonymous, but I will give you a brief introduction.  Anyonmous is a minnesotan born, world traveler who has visited a whopping 11 countries!…