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    A Summer Letter

    Dear friends,

    I hope you are well. It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. Please forgive my recent lack of consistency — the past few weeks have been pretty busy.

    This summer, we traveled back to the states for a two-month summer visit. It has been an exciting, hectic whirlwind of an adventure. Hard, in many ways, but, ultimately, soul-restoring. The beauty of open skies, starry nights, libraries, wind-tossed hair, freedom has renewed my tired, storm-tossed being.

    However, emerging from the virus-torn shadows of Malaysia into the (seemingly) pandemic oblivion of America was strange… and, at times, saddening. I delight in the freedom to walk outdoors, to tread through stores maskless, to read in the library. Yet, in the same breath, I cannot forget my friends in Malaysia, imprisoned in their houses, denied the freedom to move. And to that captivity, I return, with joy and sorrow.

    Nonetheless, I’ve had a lovely summer. And, as I am a list fanatic, I will transcribe the highlights of the past two months.