Fear, Hope, & Love Poem

Amidst all the fear circulating around the coronavirus, may we find light in the darkness. May we rest in God’s love. A poem was born from these thoughts and I wanted to share it with you. I hope it gives you hope.

Fear, the cold word that lingers,

In the dark corners of our mind, 

An unwelcome hunter,

Who refuses to resign, 

Fear, the nightmare driving us,

Under the covers, in the night, 

In a blink, it strikes sense, 

Prompting panic to alight,

Fear, the doctor returning,

Pale-faced and with results,

An ocean crashing over our head,

We watch as our life, it engulfs,

Fear–this shadow cloaks our world,

Threatening all things stable,

It twists thought into doubts,

It whispers, “Hope is a fable.”

Hope, the flickering candle

Casting light in our heart,

It dares to dream of what’s ahead,

A future beyond the charts, 

Hope, an anchor for our soul, 

A lighthouse during a storm, 

Its bright rays, a comfort,

To a sailor aching for morn,

Hope, a refugee eyeing the shore,

Entering an unknown land. 

To escape the chains of death,

He clings to freedom by a strand, 

Hope–the light shattering darkness,

The first glimpses of dawn,

Piercing the shadows of the night,

Till fears grow faint, now bygone, 

Love, the thing greater than these,

In it, fear fades and hope is secured,

It carries us in steady arms,

For through darkness, it has endured. 

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25 responses to “Fear, Hope, & Love Poem”

  1. Ahhh Abbi this is just so so beautiful, comforting, and uplifting… thanks so much for sharing this. 💛

  2. Abigail, I love your expressions about fear and they were so real to life. It shows an understanding of people and life beyond your years. I will pray for you to continue expressing truth and grace to this old world! Love, Grammy Merry

  3. Your words have blessed me this morning. Thank you for using the gifts He’s given you to encourage others and glorify Him!

  4. You’re beautiful poem reminds me of the Bible verse “weeping through the night but joy comes in the morning”…….

  5. Hi Abigail,
    I really love this poem! It is so true, that during this time of our lives we need to hear this message! It is so encouraging! You did a wonderful job!

  6. Beautifully written Abigail! Our fight against fear is ever before us, but the hope that you portray in this poem is even stronger with God!

  7. Abbi,
    Such a phenomenal choice of words to depict what is going on. Thank you for sharing! As I am ready this, I’m envisioning you at 30 years old writing best sellers! So proud of you!!
    Aunt Dana

  8. Love reading your writing, dear Abigail Blessing! You truly are a blessing. Thank you for sharing. Fear can be so destructive and yes, a hunter indeed but love, the perfect love of God and the hope we find in Him truly casts out fear.

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