The Elderly in Isolation (+ 3 Rs to help them)

Nearly all of us have an elderly person in our lives. A loved one we would fly to in an instant if called. Some are fortunate enough to live close to them.

But what about those whose nearest relation is hundreds of miles away? Senior citizens stuffed in a nursing home with no visitors or locked in a house with no help. Their health remains the greatest target for COVID-19 and this fact majorly distorts their lifestyle.

Leaving the house endangers their health more than anyone else. On top of the coronavirus risk, some are chained by disabilities.

Grocery stores seem an unachievable feat, with the throngs of people pouring in and out. And aid is rarely offered to them.

With the hovering threat of COVID-19, it’s easy for us to fall into the pit of self-interest. Looking out solely for oneself. “Me, me, me,” our world screams, “mine, mine, mine.”

If we’re all in this together, why are we so determined to withdraw? To ignore the cries for help. To shun. To judge. Of all the times to extend a helping hand, this is it.

If doctors and medics are on the frontlines fighting this war… we should pitch in as well.

That starts with helping the elderly. And we can do this without endangering ourselves. (:

1) Remember them

Forgetting the elderly is an issue our world has faced for centuries. As people age, their lives gradually fade into the background. The sea of youth subdues their wisdom, strength, and stories ready to share. Loneliness and neglect are daily battles old folks face, but we can help crush it.

In this time of crisis, genuine acts of kindness are key. Fetching groceries for people or running errands are two examples of this. Our hearts radiate through our treatment of others.

2) Remind them

We should not only remember them but remind them of their value. A cheery text message or email can go a long way. And handwritten notes and letters are joys to receive.

They need to be seen. They need to have a reason to live. I guarantee you, these tokens of kindness will brighten their day. We all could do with a little extra hope these days.

3) Read to them

This idea is something I came up with recently and I decided to share it. What better way to spend your time than by reading? And even better than usual reading, reading for the enjoyment of others.

We all know that our eyesight wanes as we grow older, making reading a difficult task. But we don’t need to let this obstacle get in the way of the elderly delighting in a good book.

Send an old person in your life–a relative, friend, or aged neighbor–a clip of yourself reading a book. It could be on video or through a voice recording, a chapter or a few paragraphs. In any way or form.

Or, for a second option, you could recommend an audiobook to them. Buy the audiobook or add a kind message to give it a more personal touch. (:

Hearing another human’s voice and feeling that somebody cares, just might cure old folks of their loneliness. Feel free to spread and share this idea, I’d love to see people take part in it.

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.”

C.S. Lewis

The elderly matter as much to the world as the youth. The only difference between us is the number of years the earth as enjoyed them and the number of stories they have to tell.

Kindness and respect should not be limited by age. Hopes and dreams are not bound by the constraints of time.

Though COVID-19 may control our present, it does not control our future.

Our necessities should make us aware of the needs of those less fortunate than us. A crisis like this enables us with an opportunity to give to others and spread hope.

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12 responses to “The Elderly in Isolation (+ 3 Rs to help them)”

  1. Abbi. I appreciated your blog about caring for the elderly. You have great insight.
    Love you,
    Grandma Jill

  2. I love your love for people. Including older people. That gives me hope as I get old 🙂

  3. Abbi, you have an amazing ability to show empathy for others. What a gift from God.
    In His love, Don & Sally

  4. Hiya Abbi! I loved your suggestions for how to show our older loved ones that we care about them! I find that my grandparents are really encouraged when we take time to call them. Can’t wait to see your book list!

  5. I have come to believe that any day you wake up the Lord has some purpose for you to fill.

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