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  • A Spark of Inspiration

    A Spark of Inspiration

    Inspiration can be tough to find. Maybe that’s why inspiration sparks when we’re not looking for it. When we least expect it. Though this can be frustrating, this is also the beauty of inspiration. Inspiration stirs unexpected awe in our heart of something we perceive. I like to think of inspiration as a tiny creature…

  • God Loves Plot Twists

    God Loves Plot Twists

    It’s nerve-wracking to sit down and write the dreaded end to a first draft of a book. Many people think the middle is awful, and it is, but for me the end takes the most energy. But it has to, right? The ending is the most important part of the book. It has to leave…

  • A Letter from the King

    A Letter from the King

    A letter from the king in heaven to his lovely daughters. Sons, if you are reading, this may also apply to you. Hey, you. Yes, I’m talking to you, not the skinny girl applying makeup behind you. You are beautiful! I know that sounds cliche and maybe you’ve heard it a million times from your…