A Letter from the King

A letter from the king in heaven to his lovely daughters. Sons, if you are reading, this may also apply to you.

Hey, you. Yes, I’m talking to you, not the skinny girl applying makeup behind you. You are beautiful! I know that sounds cliche and maybe you’ve heard it a million times from your mom, but when I say you’re beautiful, I mean it. And do you think I say things I don’t mean?

This world has a way of flinging model picture after model picture of how you’re supposed to look. You feel weighed down by the beauty standards you can never possibly meet. You feel that even when you’ve worked up enough self–confidence to admit that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, you melt back into a puddle of tears when you see someone “more” gorgeous than you.

But what does beautiful really mean? Does it mean lathering yourself in cosmetics, dieting to get that slim figure, wearing the best brands…?

A million times no. They are no match to the true beauty inside of you.

I am the creator of beauty. Do you think I create ugly things? No! I crafted you in your mother’s womb. I formed and shaped you with my own two hands. I adored you the minute you were let into this world, the way you lifted your tight fists and looked up at me with brightly shining eyes. I sighed sadly to think you would have to one day challenge your beauty and worth.

I am here when you doubt your worth, and when you scream at yourself in the mirror about how you hate how you look. It pains me to hear that, daughter. I who took so much time to create you. I designed you to be unique and different and sewn into your heart is a purpose, a plan for your life. Do you think I create extra human beings with no point or purpose in life?

Now, do you, daughter, want this true beauty that only I can provide? This true beauty that excels flimsy makeup products and skimpy dresses. It all starts with one thing. Your heart. You may be the most “beautiful” woman in the world but have the most selfish, conceited, cold heart that you hide beneath your flesh. Would you, my lovely and wonderful, daughter rather have that worldly and fleeting beauty paired with a hard heart, or the true beauty of a sweet spirit, hands that are ready to work, and a forever caring heart? If you start focusing the attention off of yourself and how you look and start paying attention to the needs of others, real people will start seeing the true beauty that my daughter holds, not her physical appearance.

It is easy, in a world full of lipstick and models, for my princess to forget that I have made you in my image and there is nothing you should do to change it. I am the potter and you are the clay. You are the work of my hand. So why do you whine and complain if your bowl is to round, or your cup to tall, it’s like saying you know what’s beautiful when you don’t know at all.

Remember, at the end of the day, what is more important? How the one who made you views you or the world’s fashion torrent? Doesn’t my opinion mean something?

You are what I created, and I adore my creations.

With tender love,

The King

13 responses to “A Letter from the King”

  1. I know this is an old post, but it was still beautiful and encouraging. Such a good reminder! 🧡 (Quick question, are you part of The Young Writer’s Workshop? I’m trying to remember how I found your blog 😉)

    • Ohh, you’re so sweet! Thank you, Josie. ❤️ I used to be part of YWW, but I’m not right now. That’s probably where you found me. (; Thank you for reading!

  2. Really enjoyed your good thoughts, which do sound like they are “from the King,” Abbi. Grampie

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