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Greetings! *brandishes wand* Welcome to my humble corner of the internet. I’m Abbi, this blog’s word wizard and story weaver. ✨

I’M A BOOKWORM. So… let’s just say books are at the top of my birthday list. Every year. And that I gobble books for breakfast. I’ve always loved to read and one of my favorite smells is the smell of old books.

From Austen’s works to Harry Potter, my taste for literature is quite broad. I’ve been known to fall for conflicted characters *glances at Draco Malfoy* and weep when good book series’ end. Yes, the life of a bookworm can be quite tragic, at times. . . (;

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain. ~Louisa May Alcott~

I’M A WRITER. I’ve always possessed a love for writing, scratching out stories since I could hold a pencil. Because writing is my passion, I decided to start a blog to practice my talent. I love to pen stories while brooding over the complexities of the world.

If you want to change the world pick up your pen and write. ~Martin Luther~

I’M A GLOBE TROTTER. Being an American, born in Pakistan but living in Malaysia is quite. . . unusual. But I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve been given while living overseas.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~Helen Keller~

I’M A VINTAGE SOUL. I have an obsession with old-fashioned things. Yes, to me, stepping into an antique shop is 100x better than stepping into a clothing store. Typewriters and vintage keys are my favorite. The same goes for movies and music. I’m an oldie at heart.

Hey Jude. . . ~The Beatles~

I’M A CHILD OF GOD. Jesus is my living hope and the captain of my ship. He guides my pen and is one of my closest friends. I’m secure in Christ.

We are secure, not because we hold tightly to Jesus, but because He holds tightly to us. ~R.C. Sproul~

MY FAVORITE THINGS. Rainy days, candles, cozy nights by a fire, stars, musicals, hobbit holes, forest adventures, and libraries. To name of few. (;

*Too late note* I do love to quote.

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