Star of Wonder Poem

As the Christmas season approaches fast, I decided to share with you a poem I wrote. Stars have always fascinated me and I’ve held a deep love for them, for as long as I can remember. The star of wonder and the wise men have intrigued me ever since I listened to “We three kings”. I hope you enjoy this poem I crafted and it casts a new light on Christmas for you.

Over the town of Bethlehem,
Hung a glorious light,
The star magi had been searching for,
Was shining there that night,

Threaded on a tapestry,
Tales from long ago,
Prophesied a star woven out of Jacob,
The Messiah we’d come to know,

Years passed, nights dragged on,
Darkness remained as nations fell,
Hope flickered and wavered,
Until almost all of Israel had fallen under a spell,

Yet, God does not forsake His people,
As you may soon learn,
He continues to love us,
Even when we forsake him in return,

In a far off land,
Three magi arrayed in gold,
Poured over their studies,
Deciphering tales of old,

A star, a glittering diamond,
Seen like never before,
Cast its silvery rays,
Onto their moonstruck floor,

It’s the wise men I admire most,
These wise men of faith.
For they had no angel appear,
Just a star in dazzling array,

They left their comfort, their home,
On a journey into the great unknown,
Carrying treasures and spices,
So that they may bow before the throne,

In the little town of David,
Where angels chorused all around,
The promised king was born,
Born without a crown,

Could it be? Was this the child we’d been awaiting?
The babe lying in a trough of hay,
The king we’d worship and adore,
The king who had come to save,

The wise men knew the answer,
The minute they saw the light,
Stream into the rickety stable,
Hopes were fulfilled that night,

The star of wonder,
A candle held by God,
Flickered in the darkness,
Behold the son of God,

Have a very Merry Christmas and always remember the reason for the season!


10 responses to “Star of Wonder Poem”

  1. Abbi, What a beautiful poem. I too like the magi and the star. Christ was born in such a lowly setting that he wasn’t recognized as a king but was truly a King for all who accept his gift of grace.

  2. Thank you Abbi–the poem and your thoughts about the magi are so good. I just sent your mom a little story about your great grandma and a song from her childhood. You can ask her for it if you’d like. Aunt Mary

  3. Oh Abbi! What an absolutely marvelous poem of hope and faithfulness! Just what I needed to read this morning. I love the part about the long wait and the weariness from it, but then the complete faithfulness for God to fill his promise!

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