“Little Things with Great Love”

A Girl with Flowers on the Grass, Jacob Maris, 1878.

Dear friends,
I’ve been faced with how simple yet compelling the act of showing kindness can be. After reading “The Unexpected Power of Random Acts of Kindness,” I felt a deep desire to touch others through small acts of kindness. I am an empathetic person and possess a keen consciousness of the mental and emotional states of those around me. At times, this awareness isolates and disconnects me from others. I feel alone in my knowledge and helpless as how to reach out to others in a meaningful way. Yet, the realization of how meaningful small acts of kindness can be has opened my eyes to the myriad of ways in which I can care for and support others. Actions do not have to be grand to be poignant. 

I love people. But how I love is different from how others love. Through intentional conversation, notes of encouragement, and small gifts, I hope to cultivate kindness within my soul. Kindness that asks for nothing in return. Kindness that does not resent the absence of gratitude. Kindness that watches its impact from the shadows, smiling despite being unknown. 

The captured lyrics from the song “Little Things with Great Love” reminded me that Jesus sees and treasures our small acts of great love. 

In the garden of our Savior, no flower grows unseen;
His kindness rains like water on every humble seed.
No simple act of mercy escapes His watchful eye —
for there is One who loves me: His hand is over mine.

I do not have many words to convey in this moment, but let this note be a reminder that there are many ways you can show kindness. Many small, freeing, beautiful ways you can love. 

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  1. It seems that I had read somewhere that in the Jewish tradition they are asked to do a good deed every day but are to remain anonymous.

  2. HI dear Abi, thanks for your caring and tender thoughts and expressed desires. I’m reminded that Jesus comments how no act of kindness to “the least of these” will go unnoticed or unrewarded. Your sensitivity is a gift; don’t feel isolated! Grampy

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