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  • Our Story is HIStory

    Our Story is HIStory

    Books and stories are amazing things! You get transported to a different world and setting and get to observe the story with eagerness. But did you know that you are part of a story crafted by the supreme storyteller, plotter, and planner? Even now the author of your story is planning what lies ahead. You…

  • Lives Matter!

    Lives Matter!

    It’s extremely disturbing how normalized hearing about a shooting has become. It’s become an everyday occurrence that passes through our minds without a second thought. When I realized this, I felt distressed how little emotion I had felt when these pieces of news were announced. It was as if I had become numb to it.…

  • Boxed


    How would you feel if you were housed in a shipping container with one bathroom to share amongst twenty other workers? Like it or not, this is the living conditions of migrant workers all over Malaysia. Refugees from all over the world flee their homes every day in seek of shelter and hope for a…