On Quiet Beauty

    Audio Recording of “On Quiet Beauty”

    The faint call of a bird whispers to me as I sit at my desk. Drained mentally and physically from deadlines and studies, eyes strained, I pause to listen. Silence steadies my breath. I look out my window as the evening light bathes the front yard in a soft, golden glow. 

    The bird trills again, his notes trembling with freedom and hope. Searching… Searching for an ear. A smile creeps up my cheek as exhaustion slips away in that moment.

    Quiet beauty echoes in the cathedral of my soul, awakening the wonder buried beneath tides of worry and heartache. I listen to the bird as its voice fades into the distance. The room is still again. But the momentary appearance softened the shadows of the dark world.    

    This frequent scene resembles my encounter with quiet beauty.

    Beauty, as many of us know, takes many shapes and forms. Yet, there is a special place in my aching heart for quiet beauty. Quiet beauty is beauty that does not vie for attention; it is the beauty that is there — often hidden. The beauty that causes us to search, to pause, and to ponder. It is not immediately observable, nor can it be immediately absorbed.