7 Top Favorite Couples from Literature

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, I’m giving you readers a treat. 😉 My list of TOP FAVORITE LITERATURE COUPLES. You’re not going to want to miss this.

Darcy & Elizabeth, Pride and Prejudice

20 Fastidious Facts About BBC’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ | Mental Floss

Oh who could count the hours I’d rave about Elizabeth & Darcy if I was left alone? These two are #1 on my favorite couples and they deserve it.

Like most of the others, they didn’t get along at first sight. A better way to describe it is love at first fight (or the 2nd or 3rd).

Opinionated and witty Elizabeth clashing with arrogant and stiff Mr. Darcy = AMAZING dialogue. I have to hand it to Ms. Jane Austen, she has a way of creating complex characters that are intriguing & infuriating.

Pride And Prejudice Ugh GIF by BBC - Find & Share on GIPHY

Mr. Darcy. *swoon* He’s so sweet & generous & I can’t say anymore or I’ll spoil the book for you. 😉 But, I’ll give you this, first impressions aren’t all they seem…

Gilbert & Anne, Anne of Green Gables

Jonathan Crombie dies aged 48 - Photo 1
My heart has melted.

First off… They’re. So. Adorable. I mean, they’ve GOT to be the cutest couple ever created. As schoolmates, they didn’t hit it off–Anne despised him, actually. See a pattern? Yes, I do enjoy a love-to-hate romance a great deal better than instant-love.

Best movie ever.
And the carrot scene! I <3 the carrot scene.

Yet, as Anne put it, “love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship.” A little rocky at first but they sailed through, going from school rivals to sweethearts. Gilbert’s loyalty & Anne’s charm has stolen our hearts for more than a century.

& they’ll continue to charm us for years to come.

Mr. Knightley & Emma, Emma

Slow-burn romance Emma mr Knightley

Oh, Emma, you got to love Emma (faults + all). She has her own personality and isn’t anybody else–she has an amazing arc too. And Mr. Knightly, well, he’s the nicest Jane Austen hero (I like Mr. Darcy the best, but he wasn’t nice at the beginning of the novel) there is. Instead of flattering Emma as the other characters do, he honestly confronts her on her faults. It shows how much really cares about her.

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.”

Mr. Knightley, Emma

Mr. Rochester & Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre

Books and Tea : Jane Eyre BBC 2006 adaptation (my favourite)

I know many people think Jane Eyre & Mr. Rochester’s romance is a little weird and even creepy, but I like them. The gloomy mood has a lot to do with the setting–Thornfield Hall. A gothic mansion with mystery hidden in its walls (me likee).

Though set in the Jane Austen time period, this gothic novel has more thorns than roses. For those of you who like a Jane Austenish/Beauty & the Beast (minus the beauty) romance, you should give this novel a read.

Laurie & Amy, Little Women

OK, so I know everyone is supposed to hate them and Jo was supposed to end up with Laurie… but can I just say that I think they’re really cute together? Is that allowed?

I realized that, though Jo and Laurie would make a lovely couple, they wouldn’t make it in marriage. They’re too much alike and fight like cats. That’s why I’m glad Jo settled with someone calm like Professor Bhaer and Laurie someone refined like Amy.

Laurie and Amy’s romance isn’t mentioned much in the book but in the 1994 version (when Amy’s a kid) they’re adorable. Go. Watch. It.

"A glove?" *drums fingers on book* 13 reasons why Jo should have chose Laurie.

*sidenote: CHRISTIAN BALE is the best Laurie. Hands down.

I will always defend these two.

Westley & Buttercup, The Princess Bride

A Princess Bride Musical Is Looking More … Conceivable
They’ve had better hair days. 😉

These poor dears. 😀 Oh the torture they had to face before being reunited (literally). This movie is probably one of the wittiest movies I’ve ever seen–thanks to Westley.

Buttercup is a flat character and a little…petty, but Westley is amazing. He’s the king of snark.

You’ve got to love Wesley

Go watch the movie & read the book… Do it for Westley! I promise you won’t regret it.

Prince Caspian & Susan, Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I can’t leave without mentioning my favorite prince, can I? 😉 I know Caspian and Susan aren’t a couple in the book, but there is definitely some chemistry between them in the movie.

Caspian trying to flirt with Susan.

These two are the kind of couple that I wished would’ve happened in the book and dreamed that it did happen in an epilogue. In cases like this, we must read between the lines. 😉

And that’s the list of my top favorite literature couples! Comment down below which one is your favorite! 🙂 And, as always, if you like my content click the follow button to follow this blog. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

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    This was a GREAT post! Darcy and Elizabeth is one of my favorite couples ever! And I had always wanted it to be “Laurie and Jo”, but I think Laurie and Amy are pretty cute too. 😉

    May 12, 2020 at 9:00 pm
    • Reply abigailblessing

      Thank you! Both couples are cute, but I have a soft spot for Amy so I’m completely fine with how it turned out. 😉

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    I approved of almost all of these…especially Gilbert and Anne. And Emma and Mr Knightley. They’re some of the cutest couples EVER. ❤️

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      Yes! Gilbert and Anne are classic. <3 And I just love Emma & Knightley.

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    Hi Abby, I enjoyed seeing what a younger person would like as their favorite couples. Of all your pics the one I like best is Gilbert and Anne. I’ll be dating myself but I always enjoyed the stories of Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

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      Ohhh yes! Robin Hood & Marion! I may or may not have a robin retelling brewing in my head… we shall see. 😉

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    Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Loved seeing Susan and Caspian and Anne and Gilbert make the list! So often I go to articles like this and I have no idea who the characters are . . . As someone who isn’t hugely into romance (I like the sweet little romances on the side while something is exploding in the main plot), those two couples definitely do make my list (William and Charlotte from Beyond the Mask and Cat and Anne from Isle of Swords/Isle of Fire join them). And as someone who isn’t hugely into romance, I very much enjoyed this article!

    February 15, 2020 at 8:29 pm
    • Reply abigailblessing

      Amen, sister! Anne & Gilbert are absolutely adorable. I’m not hugely into romance either, but I can’t ignore these sweet couples. 😉

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